Monday, January 30, 2012

A Special Visitor

I met Sister Wixom - General Primary President - on Christmas at Primary Children's Hospital. She invited me to call her and have her come visit our primary.  I decided to call her secretary(Becky) about 2 weeks ago. She said that she would talk to my bishop and Sister Wixom to see when would be a good time.  Becky called me last Monday (Jan. 23) to let me know that Sister Wixom would be coming yesterday (Jan. 29). I was so excited!
       Sister Wixom arrived just as we were starting Primary. She walked in and you could just feel the spirit that was with her. I introduced her to my counselors and secretary. We welcomed her and sang a song for her. After the opening prayer, song, and talk, it was time for sharing time. I taught sharing time.  It was the best sharing time that I have ever taught. It wasn't because of me, but because of the spirit that was there. I'm sure part of that was because I had prepared all week to teach, but a big part was because of Sister Wixom. It was an amazing experience!
     During Sr. Primary, Sister Wixom took a few moments and talked to the children. She told them about how we had met. She said that when I told her that I was Primary President in our ward, she felt the spirit whisper  "Ask if you can go visit that primary." It was neat for me to hear her side of the story, because I had felt that I should tell her that I was the Primary President. I know that Heavenly Father wanted her to come visit our primary.
     Sister Wixom also visited the nursery and a class for a little bit. It was so neat to see her interacting with the children and primary leaders. I felt so blessed to have her come. At the end of the meetings, we talked for a few minutes.  She thanked me for letting her come visit and I told her that she is welcome anytime that she wants to come. She also told me "If I can ever do anything for you, please call me." I thought "Wow, here is a woman who has a HUGE amount of responsibility, but yet, she is willing to help me if I ever need anything!" It was a very humbling experience. I feel so blessed to be serving as Primary President. I love the spirit that is in Primary and the sweetness of the children. I truly love each of the children. This was truly an experience that I won't forget!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jewelry Solution

I've started to wear jewelry a little bit more lately. I have needed a place to store it where I could see it and remember to wear it :) I also need someplace to put my fabric flowers that I have been making. So I came up with this.

Here it is with all of my jewelry and flowers on.

The board was given to my from a friend. I just spray painted it chocolate, glued a gold ribbon onto it, and drilled a few holes for some small cup hooks to go. It was quick and easy. The cup hooks are not strait, but with the necklaces and flowers on, you can't tell very well. I'm just glad to have some place to put them.

Principal Appreciation Day

I ended up being in charge of Principal Appreciation day at our school. I had a hard time finding ideas on the web for gifts, so I'm telling you what I did if you want something a little more personalized and unique.
First, we had each student write a note to the principal and vice principal on a little strip of paper. Then we stapled them together and made a big long chain to hang in the hallway. We started it at the Vice Principal's office and then took it down the main hall. We saved a little bit of it and put it by the principal's office as well. I liked if for a few reasons - 1. It was simple and easy to do 2. The students were able to be involved with it. 3. The principal and vice principal like it. 4. It turned out to be pretty neat. :)
Next, I asked the teachers to send me words and phrases that described the principal and vice principal. Then I created some subway art for each one and framed it so they can hang it in their offices. I loved how it turned out and how unique it was from everything I saw online. We also included a gift card to Chili's for each of them. Here is how the art turned out:

I also painted a sign that said "We Love You" with their names on it to hang up outside of the main office.
 Overall, I feel good about what we did. I was grateful for the people that helped me staple and hang the chain. It was nice that I didn't have to do it all by myself. :) I'm grateful for our principal and vice principal. They are wonderful women and leaders. I'm glad I could let them know how much they are appreciated.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun Baby Gift

I saw this somewhere and had to make one for my new little niece last spring. I framed it and it turned out so cute that I had to share. I don't have a picture of it in the frame, but will be doing another one soon and will take a picture then. Also I have changed the info so it is generic. So fun and so easy to make. Thought you would like to see it.
I also did a family one for weddings and such. I loved it too!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some fun crafts

Here are some fun things that I have been working on. I have found that I like to find fun things to make and then change them a little to fit my family.
The first one is a Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar. I made two of these, one my my hubby and one for my kiddos. I found the idea here, but made up my own notes for each child and my hubby. It is a fun way to focus on what I love about my husband and family.

These are some blocks that I made for my neighbors grandchildren. They are so fun and super easy. I put a couple of bells in each one so that it will jingle. It's pretty easy to make. Here is a tutorial.
 This doesn't look as cute with the pictures blotted out. But just imagine black and white pictures of your family on each circle. It really is fun and cute. I can't remember where I found this idea at. Here's how you make it: Buy a Styrofoam wreath and some think wire ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath. Hot glue it in place. Make a bow and hot glue it in place. Cut circles out of pattern paper of your choice. Print off pictures and cut them into circles slightly smaller than the paper circles. Glue or tape the pictures to the paper and the paper to the wreath. I taped mine so that I can update the pictures each year. It's simple but fun!