Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jewelry Solution

I've started to wear jewelry a little bit more lately. I have needed a place to store it where I could see it and remember to wear it :) I also need someplace to put my fabric flowers that I have been making. So I came up with this.

Here it is with all of my jewelry and flowers on.

The board was given to my from a friend. I just spray painted it chocolate, glued a gold ribbon onto it, and drilled a few holes for some small cup hooks to go. It was quick and easy. The cup hooks are not strait, but with the necklaces and flowers on, you can't tell very well. I'm just glad to have some place to put them.


  1. I need to do something like this for my jewelry. Right now I just have it sitting in little boxes in a drawer. Of course, the only time I wear any jewelry is for church and for special occasions. I can't see myself getting all fancied up just to do the dishes or laundry!

  2. I don't wear it on a daily basis but usually to church or on dates or such. It's nice to have it out and visible to help me remember to put it on :)