Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Principal Appreciation Day

I ended up being in charge of Principal Appreciation day at our school. I had a hard time finding ideas on the web for gifts, so I'm telling you what I did if you want something a little more personalized and unique.
First, we had each student write a note to the principal and vice principal on a little strip of paper. Then we stapled them together and made a big long chain to hang in the hallway. We started it at the Vice Principal's office and then took it down the main hall. We saved a little bit of it and put it by the principal's office as well. I liked if for a few reasons - 1. It was simple and easy to do 2. The students were able to be involved with it. 3. The principal and vice principal like it. 4. It turned out to be pretty neat. :)
Next, I asked the teachers to send me words and phrases that described the principal and vice principal. Then I created some subway art for each one and framed it so they can hang it in their offices. I loved how it turned out and how unique it was from everything I saw online. We also included a gift card to Chili's for each of them. Here is how the art turned out:

I also painted a sign that said "We Love You" with their names on it to hang up outside of the main office.
 Overall, I feel good about what we did. I was grateful for the people that helped me staple and hang the chain. It was nice that I didn't have to do it all by myself. :) I'm grateful for our principal and vice principal. They are wonderful women and leaders. I'm glad I could let them know how much they are appreciated.

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  1. Those are such great ideas! You're so clever!