Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some fun crafts

Here are some fun things that I have been working on. I have found that I like to find fun things to make and then change them a little to fit my family.
The first one is a Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar. I made two of these, one my my hubby and one for my kiddos. I found the idea here, but made up my own notes for each child and my hubby. It is a fun way to focus on what I love about my husband and family.

These are some blocks that I made for my neighbors grandchildren. They are so fun and super easy. I put a couple of bells in each one so that it will jingle. It's pretty easy to make. Here is a tutorial.
 This doesn't look as cute with the pictures blotted out. But just imagine black and white pictures of your family on each circle. It really is fun and cute. I can't remember where I found this idea at. Here's how you make it: Buy a Styrofoam wreath and some think wire ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath. Hot glue it in place. Make a bow and hot glue it in place. Cut circles out of pattern paper of your choice. Print off pictures and cut them into circles slightly smaller than the paper circles. Glue or tape the pictures to the paper and the paper to the wreath. I taped mine so that I can update the pictures each year. It's simple but fun!


  1. Cute crafts!! You've been busy!

  2. Actually, I did them last year, but never posted about them. So I thought I would this year :)