Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Step Forward

After almost 1 year of occupational therapy, our extraordinary boy gets to take a break for a few months! In speaking with his therapist, she was impressed with how well he has done at reaching the goals we have set for him. Yesterday she suggested that we take a few months off and see how he is doing. She said to check back with her towards the end of the school year to see if we have any more concerns or anything else has popped up that he needs help with! Here are some of the things he has done in the past year :
One year ago he couldn't hold onto a trapeze bar for more than 5 seconds - he can now hold on and swing for at least 30 seconds, often longer! He was scared to be picked up by someone - now he will let us pick him up  occasionally. He self talked his way through the activities he was doing, now he can do the same activities with minimal talking.  He was not forming any of his letters correctly - now he forms all of his upper and lower case letters correctly (starting and stopping in the correct spots). He would hold his arms down to his sides as he cut paper and had a hard time cutting anything more than straight lines. He now holds the paper up to cut and LOVES to cut out different shapes.  He was afraid to try anything new and wouldn't even try something without a lot of begging and sometimes forcing. Now he will see something new and try it. Sometimes he still gets scared, but it doesn't take as much coaxing to get him to do it. He is running, jumping, and swinging with much more confidence now.
I feel so blessed that he has had such great support from his therapist, teachers, and family. I know that he still has some way to go, but he has done so well over the past year. Some days it is hard to see his progress because I'm with him all of the time. Then I look at where he was a year ago and I see how well he is doing. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to be his mom!

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  1. Yay for your extraordinary boy!!! Way to go!